Friday, July 17, 2009

Moralla Goes to the Zoo


Miss Squibble takes a nibble
at her pickle at tea.
Her tortoise is quite nauseas
has eaten a rotten pea.
His name is Mister Leigh.

Her room mate Miss Exhaustias
is also quite
poor- sick- as,
and her pet frog Morstica
won't eat what's endorsed to her.

Their dear little sparrow sits
on the barrow watching her friend
Miss Patonia kiss Mr Aromia.
They met at a dance in Catonia.
And will wed in November in Moronia.

Miss Peerson drops in for a reason
her cockatoo will not chew.
Meanwhile Moralla the terantula
has gone to the zoo
and taken her pink umbrella too.

She knows she is lucky
her cousins in Cambodia
recently wrote to her
with news not so good for her:
for roasted tarantula
yes roasted tarantula
they outrageously serve there
yes it's true!

So Moralla so horrified
tells her cousins mortified,
they must come and
live in Australia too!

(This poem was inspired after reading a story by the lovely Alice Pung a young and well known Melbourne writer who kindly wrote for "The Big Issue" -the July edition. She wrote about how fortunate we are in Australia to be able to keep family pets. Under the Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia it was a treat for her father to find a family of scorpions to eat. Some Cambodians were forced to risk danger and eat cane toads, scorpions, banana leaves or creeping beings in order to avoid starvation. How we take so much for granted!)

EXODUS 22:21
"You shall neither mistreat a
stranger nor oppress him,
for you were strangers
in the land of Egypt."

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