Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fancy Fair

I have managed to paint a floating chair, mmm...
And it only has two legs as well!

Today while I was going through
the checkout at the supermarket,
I was served by a
young man who had served my
daughter and I a few days earlier.
He told me that he thought my
daughter was lovely and that
she had 'made' his day.
He told me that he had been
having a dreadful day and that
when my daughter was friendly
to him at first he was overcome
but upon realizing she was genuine,
he felt so much better.
It makes you realize how
important a smile, and a friendly
attitude can bring so much healing to others.

John 15:12
"This is my commandment,
that you love one another as I
have loved you."


Henry said...

wow davina is so cool. she is basically a hero.

Jacinta Montgomery said...

Thanks Henry, I think so too!

Montgomery said...

This one is just superb. It is one of my favourites to date. Both the picture and the words. And yes you have got it Davina is a hero, she must have been wearing her cat woman outfit in the supermarket again.
Young Will

Jacinta Montgomery said...

How did you know that! She looks so good in it don't you think? Thanks young Will for your comment, often the ones that you make mistakes in don't look so bad as you think.

Jacinta Montgomery said...

Present Gay